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COVID-19: I am accepting new clients living in Illinois.  Online sessions are available and a great and confidential way to ensure your safety and health during the pandemic. 

Martina S Hill, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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Life is full of challenges that can cause a great deal of emotional distress. You don't have to and you should not do it alone! Lets work together to build on your strengths and learn new skills. Seriously, let's do this thing together. I know it's scary but you got this! 



If you are feeling like the things that first attracted you to each other are now the things that are driving you apart, couples therapy could help. Let's be honest, relationships are hard and they do not come with user-friendly guides. Together, we can work through those issues and practice applying skills that will strengthen connection.


Child and Adolescent Therapy

Being a kid and a teenager now is harder than ever before. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of school, social life, parental expectations, and everything in between.  I know you're tired of people telling you what to do and need a space that feels just for you. Lets make this happen. 

Therapy Sessions
About Me
Friendly. Positive. Patient. 

If you are looking for someone who will tell you what you've done wrong and how to live your life, I am not your girl. I am instead someone that will remind you of the reason why you started this work. I will keep you focused on your goal to achieve the life you want and will correct you and encourage you when you doubt yourself. 

My Approach

My approach to therapy is relational to the core. Look, I know what you have heard about therapy and how it has been portrayed in the movies and reality tv. Trust me, I cringe every time. Here's the thing though, therapy can be: amazing, terrifying, healing, exhausting, vulnerable, exhilarating, motivating, and starting can be really intimidating.

Are you secretly asking yourself why would anyone even sign up for that? If so, click on the "Read More" button bellow to learn about the practical ways I make this happen in therapy. 

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Clinical Interests

As a fully licensed counselor, I am able to treat a wide variety of psychological, emotional, and relational challenges. However, I find myself having special clinical interests in the following: 




Self Esteem


Spiritual Integration 


Women's Issues 


Young Adults

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